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I think of a better society void of greed and corruption, I think of a better society under loyal leadership. It is interesting how the older generations think that they owe the newer ones the future of a better life. Of course, they should secure a better life not plan the future. 

Leadership and corruption have become interwoven in the quest for a planned future. There is nothing basically wrong with planning ahead for a good life but it is pertinent to note that the life journey is an experience everyone would partake individually. Political and religious leaders now dance to the rhythm of corruption on the pretext of trying to fulfill their basic obligations.

Cybercrime has become the order of the day among youths who also claim they are securing a better future ahead. The question now is how far has this secured a standard future for the generations yet to come? A future that is not well shaped for the populace will cause more havoc than progress.

There is no future ahead, the present is the future. The level of our input in life today will directly or indirectly shape what lies ahead. What is needed from the older generation is a well-laid path for the newer ones to thrive and not funds generated from the abuse of power.

The future is an asset we all must acquire, not with force I suppose. Give our leaders a handshake, they extend to the elbow. The reason behind political interest can no longer be explained. You claim a country is in bad shape, the solution, however, cannot be within your circle alone. Embezzlement of public funds for personal use just to secure a life for your generation doesn’t give a fair opportunity to everyone.

The future is beyond financial stability for the younger and unborn generation, the future is a bundle of investments and the establishment of new ideas for a sustainable economy. Corruption, a norm especially in politics has become unchanged through time and it is being explored in various sectors.

The future should be protected and embraced not made to be complicated. The future has become an excuse for the new generation. What happened to pride in the future? The future has become an insult for generations yet unborn, political seats have become a competitive ground for those who embezzle more funds.

Religious leaders are known for their role in corrupt practices in society. If their doctrines condemn corrupt practices, what explanation would be given for their misrepresentation in society? They have within churches and mosques these leaders who in turn see the church as a refuse dump for stolen money.

Is this also for the newer generations? Rather these are misguided for them. The tenets of a standard future have been trampled upon and would take a society under good leadership to influence the people and not corrupt practices for the newer generations to inculcate. Cybercrime, we claim is a youthful excuse for greed and laziness. No employment and poor educational facilities are the constant complaints of the younger generations.

It has become a resort for them because the government has no option for them. Rather what they have is unfair opportunities limited to their circle alone. The younger generation has towed a dreadful path, one cannot state what would happen to the ones yet unborn.


Be A Business

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Welcome to THE CEO Newsletter, a weekly summary of our CEO’s views on the Entertainment Industry and Business.

I have always wondered, why corporates are slow to support creatives.

Are the creatives not good enough or is the support required beyond their perceived value?

It is evident that creatives seem to be closer to the consumers the clients are trying to target but these creatives lack professionalism.

Inability to keep to schedule, lack of accountability and not even having a work email or registered business were part of the bottlenecks faced by corporates.

You will agree with me that is the job of the business manager but how many creatives have business managers?

So dear Creative, here are a few things you need to put in place to make your business viable.

1. A dedicated email address with your business domain name.

Responding to emails immediately might not be possible so it’s best to have an autoresponder so the sender would know you got the mail. 

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2. A business page on Facebook and Instagram. 

This allows you to get a wider reach with Facebook and Instagram adverts.

3. Schedule appropriately. 

Contingencies always arise so it’s best to schedule your work, social media posts and set reminders so you don’t get caught up in the internet frenzy.

4. Plan.

Plan, Plan, Plan, and prepare for opportunities. Like the saying ‘when preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable. The next level is closer than you think so keep preparing.

Fellow creatives; let’s be tactical and deliberate, with this you can achieve more.


Emeka Ebeniro


CEO, Seats + Tickets


5 Steps to a Successful Stand-up Comedy Show

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Amidst the everyday hustle and grind, lovers of entertainment constantly seek out ways to have fun and a stand-up comedy show is not only a great form of showbiz but also a form of amusement that is constantly sought after.

Who says no to laughter after a busy week? No one!

No one would miss the opportunity to attend a premium stand-up comedy show where unending laughter is guaranteed.

But how?

How does one create that premium stand-up comedy show?

Not to worry, we at Seats & Tickets are here to help

Here are some tips to help you pull off that comedy show successfully.

1.Decide on a theme for your comedy show

This is important but usually overlooked. Most comedy shows follow bandwagons and only focus on the featured comedian(s) but do not create a theme that would make the event memorable.

A theme should be created that would make every attendee set out for a unique experience. A theme for a stand-up comedy show could be centered on family, love and relationships, dance, art, religion, business, life in a particular city, or tied to a public holiday, blockbuster movie, etc.

You can see here for theme ideas.

 2. Start planning early

This is crucial to pull off a successful event, you might have to start planning up to 3 months before the desired date of the show.

If preparations start off at the last minute, things would be done haphazardly and the show would flop. Preparing on time could be that thin line between a bad comedy show and a successful one.

3. Choose the headliner and featured comedian.

Unless it’s a one-man show, choose a featured comedian that would be a special attraction to the show. It’s not necessary to feature the biggest comedian in the country but the one that fits perfectly with your theme and the audience you’re expecting.

 4. Choose a convenient location and date

Proximity is important when choosing a location for your event. Choose a location close to your expected audience and also pick a place people know and can easily get to.

You don’t want people missing their way while trying to get to your event. When choosing a date, it’s advisable to choose weekends, public holidays, or work-free days so your guests can make out time to attend.

 5. Contact a professional ticketing and event support company

Event ticketing, logistics, admission, and crowd control are a whole lot to deal with on your own. After deciding the ticket price based on the value the comedy show is expected to offer; you require the services of a professional ticketing and event support company like Seats and Tickets.

The ticketing company would help sell tickets, verify tickets at the point of entry, deal with admission control and other show management logistics

There you have it, that’s how to pull off a comedy show.

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The Future of Comedy in Nigeria

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The Future of Comedy in Nigeria was the theme for Eko Comedy Festival 3.0 which was held at Muson Centre Onikan on Friday, May 3, 2019. The festival is convened by veteran Comedian, Tunde Adewale who is popularly known as Tee-A.

Nigeria has over 170 million active mobile subscribers and  90 million internet users thereby making the market a cash cow for telcos and banks. This market is strongly driven by passion points and two of the biggest are sports (football) and Humour (Comedy). However, the Nigerian comedy industry is a shadow of its potential.

The theme for the third edition of the Eko Comedy Festival was apt, ‘The Future of Comedy in Nigeria’. It is about time to create our own future.

My aim in attending was to learn new strategies and find ways of adding more value to the industry. I have studied and invested in the industry and thoroughly understand the lack of professionalism in the industry which is a major factor affecting the growth of the industry.

The industry quagmire was succinctly described by Yinka Adebayo, Executive Director Media Reach OMD, and popular filmmaker, Chris Ihidero “the poor positioning caused by the lack of structure in the industry is giving room for ‘outsiders’ to take over and dictate”. Thereby obstructing brands from investing heavily in creative content.

Beyond the evolving social media algorithms and argument on who is and who is not a social media comedian as highlighted by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel, Group Managing Director, Black House Media @ayenithegreat, the importance of creating good content and a structure to sustain your brand and content can’t be overemphasized.

Finally, consequences have to be faced in order for the industry to thrive. We can’t build an industry on sentiments and miracles. Breach of contracts and agreements by individuals or corporations should be severely punished.

It is time to put our house in order.

A big thank you to Tee-a for creating this platform and to the supporters, speakers, and stakeholders.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Tickets Online

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Going to work early can be very tasking. The long drive from the house to the office is very tiring. It doesn’t get better because I have files to sort daily and proposals to write every month at the office. I don’t even have the luxury of time to look good. Work was beginning to take a toll on me and I needed to relax. I love comedy shows;

I couldn’t refuse when a colleague at work invited me for one on the island. She got the tickets online during the week and the show was on Saturday. I had planned all week, rounded up work at the office, and got ready for the weekend. We got to the hall entrance and all we had to do was provide evidence of payment on our phones. If I had gotten the tickets handy, I would have misplaced them.

However, here are 5 reasons to buy tickets online;


Buying tickets online gives the advantage of bonuses, discounts, and loyalty programs. All these are money-saving offers that can be given to online buyers. I once got 50 percent off a ticket for the first 100 buyers of a show I once attended.


What happens when you have two events clashing and you have to get tickets for two? I attend two events or more at times because purchasing the tickets is stress-free. Online purchase of tickets is a platform that helps you purchase two or more tickets at once without moving from one location to another. You can get tickets for concerts and comedy shows at once.


Tickets can be booked ahead of time. It encourages an early purchase and helps get tickets ready before it becomes sold out. Before a buyer who wants tickets handy gets to the venue of purchase, about 100 or more tickets would have been sold online. On getting to the venue, people were struggling to get tickets. This is something that could have been done online. It also helps you know when tickets are sold out.


Buying tickets online provides registration on relevant websites on which you can get constant notifications about current and new activities, shows, and exhibitions. All I have to do is to check my notification posts for shows I would love to attend. I can always choose which event to attend out of several options.


With this platform, you can be sure you are buying from the source. It helps you get tickets directly from the organizers of the show. I attended an event where I met a lady outside the hall. She had been denied access due to a fake ticket for a table. Online ticketing can’t be misplaced, it’s always documented and safe. I always buy my tickets online to ensure its genuine. Trust me, you won’t want to be embarrassed for showing up at an event with a fake ticket.


Shows, concerts, and exhibitions are events that require the use of tickets. It’s up to you to choose to stay away from things that would not make you enjoy what you paid for. With the use of online ticketing, you are guaranteed to have a positive experience at these events plus benefits.

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Event ticketing is a platform concerned with accessibility to events irrespective of the format used. It provides a sophisticated means of ticket purchase that has been responsive over time.

Comedy shows and music concerts are events that have become regular; making the need for ticketing companies on the rise. However, with these rises in the industry, comes the need for innovation. This is especially because we live in a fast world where time is of the essence.

The online ticket purchase system is an innovative and reliable event ticketing method that fosters social integration. It helps to cut down on the hours spent standing in queues to get tickets to events.

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This breakthrough can be said to have increased event turnout as most people who would not want to be seen in public areas dragging for tickets can comfortably get their tickets from their homes. However, when purchasing event tickets online, you must ensure to get them from a reliable ticketing company, in order to avoid being duped.

If you ever feel the need to unwind and attend an event soon, here are a few event ticketing companies in Nigeria and how they operate in no particular order;


Seats and tickets services is a full-time ticketing company located in Lagos. They provide event support and top-notch customer service. They render services such as ticketing, admission control, and media services.


NairaBox is also another event ticketing company located in Lagos. They recently launched their brand as the first digital ticketing platform in Nigeria. They also provide information about venues and events to customers.


Afritickets is an advanced online ticketing platform that is very secure. It is specially designed for the African market, to promote the continent and what it offers through simplicity and innovation.


Ariya Ticket is a reliable, resourceful, and proactive company with a secure and safe integrated technology. This technology is suitable for uploading events, and selling and buying tickets for all kinds of events.


Doingsoon events and tickets is an event ticketing platform that allows people to book or purchase event tickets through platforms they already use by providing professional event and theater services.


Event ticketing is very important for any event and should be treated as such. Event promoters and organizers in Nigeria should look for ways to connect their customers to event ticketing companies in order to promote sales. These platforms provide affordable, simple, and fast means to access events.