The Live Events Conference (TLEC): Heralding new solutions for events in Nigeria.

The Live Events Conference held its premier edition with a roundtable that held on the 2nd of September 2017. The event was themed “The Business of Live Events”. TLEC held at the TINK Africa Hall at No 32, Ramat Cresent, Ogudu, Lagos.

TLEC had an impressive line-up of guests on the roundtable including Nigerian singer & songwriter, Brymo, Comedy maestro, Koffi Tha Guru, Dancer & Visual Artist, Ice Nweke, Entertainment Producer, Bunmi Davies, Progenitor of “Taruwa”, Lydia Idakula-Sobogun &Trend spotter and Strategist, Emeka Obia who was the keynote speaker.

The event started at about 10:30 am with the registration and verification of attendees. Shortly after the attendees were seated, the event started with Emeka Ebeniro, the founder of Seats & Tickets, welcoming everyone to the events, telling them that they were set to enlightened on how to monetize their talents and harness those abilities to their full potential.

Guitarist, Meka performed live at the event playing melodious tunes from Nigerian artistes; immediately after that, the keynote speaker, Emeka Obia gave a thorough analysis of the Nigerian audience saying that overtime it get harder to satisfy Nigerians as they want every service they receive to be nothing short of excellent.

He advised creatives to never give up as the country has become an evolving market but they should consistently dish out quality content and they would be appreciated with time. After a brief music interlude by Meka, the guests were all invited to the roundtable to educate attendees on monetizing their talents.

The convener of Taruwa, Lydia started off telling everyone how Taruwa was born when her and her siblings decided to have some little fun in their home and with a stroke luck, she was able to use Gbogbobiri as the venue for Taruwa.

Ice Nweke also shared his story on how he got into the creative arts department of his university and decided to explore the world of dance & theatre. He also told attendees not to be complacent and to put in their best to their passion.

Brymo also shared some insights on his event “Orgaised Chaos” and how he managed to make the event a success. He said that sticking to time was important as this makes everyone happy, he also said his event gives a platform for upcoming acts to showcase themselves. He also stressed the need for original content.

Bunmi Davies emphasized the need for collaborations as his friendship with Koffi & other comedians helped make “Stand Up Nigeria” a success. He also told attendees to start with what they have as getting funding from sponsors is usually an uphill task. He mention that for a long time his comedy show “Stand Up Nigeria” had no sponsors.

Koffi gave a different approach with a hilarious tone, he urged every creative person to constantly work on developing their talent, adding that they should think that have figured it all out. He stated that creative should follow the “spirit” meaning that place that gives them fulfillment & happiness (not necessarily money) and while doing that passionately, greater avenues would come fro them to make money.

Attendees applauded the speakers for their novel ideas and there was also time for Q&A. TLEC has taken a step ahead in the entertainment industry by educating people on how to co-ordinate world-class events and also monetized their talents. The TLEC masterclasses was also unveiled.

The event was powered by Seats & Tickets, the number 1 ticketing platform in Nigeria that coordinates events from start to finish.