5 Steps to a Successful Stand-up Comedy Show

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Amidst the everyday hustle and grind, lovers of entertainment constantly seek out ways to have fun and a stand-up comedy show is not only a great form of showbiz but also a form of amusement that is constantly sought after.

Who says no to laughter after a busy week? No one!

No one would miss the opportunity to attend a premium stand-up comedy show where unending laughter is guaranteed.

But how?

How does one create that premium stand-up comedy show?

Not to worry, we at Seats & Tickets are here to help

Here are some tips to help you pull off that comedy show successfully.

1.Decide on a theme for your comedy show

This is important but usually overlooked. Most comedy shows follow bandwagons and only focus on the featured comedian(s) but do not create a theme that would make the event memorable.

A theme should be created that would make every attendee set out for a unique experience. A theme for a stand-up comedy show could be centered on family, love and relationships, dance, art, religion, business, life in a particular city, or tied to a public holiday, blockbuster movie, etc.

You can see here for theme ideas.

 2. Start planning early

This is crucial to pull off a successful event, you might have to start planning up to 3 months before the desired date of the show.

If preparations start off at the last minute, things would be done haphazardly and the show would flop. Preparing on time could be that thin line between a bad comedy show and a successful one.

3. Choose the headliner and featured comedian.

Unless it’s a one-man show, choose a featured comedian that would be a special attraction to the show. It’s not necessary to feature the biggest comedian in the country but the one that fits perfectly with your theme and the audience you’re expecting.

 4. Choose a convenient location and date

Proximity is important when choosing a location for your event. Choose a location close to your expected audience and also pick a place people know and can easily get to.

You don’t want people missing their way while trying to get to your event. When choosing a date, it’s advisable to choose weekends, public holidays, or work-free days so your guests can make out time to attend.

 5. Contact a professional ticketing and event support company

Event ticketing, logistics, admission, and crowd control are a whole lot to deal with on your own. After deciding the ticket price based on the value the comedy show is expected to offer; you require the services of a professional ticketing and event support company like Seats and Tickets.

The ticketing company would help sell tickets, verify tickets at the point of entry, deal with admission control and other show management logistics

There you have it, that’s how to pull off a comedy show.

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