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I think of a better society void of greed and corruption, I think of a better society under loyal leadership. It is interesting how the older generations think that they owe the newer ones the future of a better life. Of course, they should secure a better life not plan the future. 

Leadership and corruption have become interwoven in the quest for a planned future. There is nothing basically wrong with planning ahead for a good life but it is pertinent to note that the life journey is an experience everyone would partake individually. Political and religious leaders now dance to the rhythm of corruption on the pretext of trying to fulfill their basic obligations.

Cybercrime has become the order of the day among youths who also claim they are securing a better future ahead. The question now is how far has this secured a standard future for the generations yet to come? A future that is not well shaped for the populace will cause more havoc than progress.

There is no future ahead, the present is the future. The level of our input in life today will directly or indirectly shape what lies ahead. What is needed from the older generation is a well-laid path for the newer ones to thrive and not funds generated from the abuse of power.

The future is an asset we all must acquire, not with force I suppose. Give our leaders a handshake, they extend to the elbow. The reason behind political interest can no longer be explained. You claim a country is in bad shape, the solution, however, cannot be within your circle alone. Embezzlement of public funds for personal use just to secure a life for your generation doesn’t give a fair opportunity to everyone.

The future is beyond financial stability for the younger and unborn generation, the future is a bundle of investments and the establishment of new ideas for a sustainable economy. Corruption, a norm especially in politics has become unchanged through time and it is being explored in various sectors.

The future should be protected and embraced not made to be complicated. The future has become an excuse for the new generation. What happened to pride in the future? The future has become an insult for generations yet unborn, political seats have become a competitive ground for those who embezzle more funds.

Religious leaders are known for their role in corrupt practices in society. If their doctrines condemn corrupt practices, what explanation would be given for their misrepresentation in society? They have within churches and mosques these leaders who in turn see the church as a refuse dump for stolen money.

Is this also for the newer generations? Rather these are misguided for them. The tenets of a standard future have been trampled upon and would take a society under good leadership to influence the people and not corrupt practices for the newer generations to inculcate. Cybercrime, we claim is a youthful excuse for greed and laziness. No employment and poor educational facilities are the constant complaints of the younger generations.

It has become a resort for them because the government has no option for them. Rather what they have is unfair opportunities limited to their circle alone. The younger generation has towed a dreadful path, one cannot state what would happen to the ones yet unborn.