Five Fascinating Events Not To Miss This Summer

By Ayooluwa Adewoye


What is your imagination of Summer? Girls trip, a game with the boys, pool time, ice cream, beach hats, and sunglasses, or flip flops and raffia bags? Maybe hide and seek game with the cousins or just stuffing yourself up with mamas homemade yummy goodness. What’s not to love about this special season of the year?

Summer is one of the best times to take a break and explore!

Whether you are a parent, student, business person or worker; summertime is a good time to breathe easy. For some, relaxation and fun will mean traveling, starting a blog, writing a book, camping, attending events or just spending quality time with family and friends. Whatever rocks your boat, just do it!

If events are your go-to idea for fun, here is a list of five fascinating events types you don’t want to miss out on this summer.



A good sound soothes the spirit, soul, and body – no argument. You cannot afford to miss out on musical concerts this summer. Connect with old friends and make new ones, energy up, kick stress out, catch up with top artists and bands, and mime to your favorite songs.



It is not the 80’s, but house parties are still a big deal. This is a more intimate gathering if you are not used to larger gatherings, you get to socialize, have fun and still feel at home. Parties outside keep you in check but house parties make you let go and explore wild. When was the last time you rocked those high waisted shorts and all star converse? It’s time to put them on.

Unplug from technology if you can spend more time outdoors.



You have had enough of movies and games, its beach time. You need to get a tan and cool off. If you love water sports, the beach is the place for you to practice windsurfing and sailing or a good game of volleyball. You can also have a dance off with your friends, run on the beach, build castles if you may and watch the waves wash them away. For a more interesting experience, don’t go alone; except you need solitude.



The experience of a talk show in person is of course much different from watching on TV. It’s a completely different experience. Summer is just the perfect period to get away from your screens and experience live. You get to meet your favorite tv hosts in person. You can be sure to connect more as a listener than you have ever been. You could get paid as an audience and also get to ask your questions for the host directly.



Embrace the opportunity to experience the culture, great music, laughter and the total sense of community that festivals provide. Be it music, religious, arts, comedy, food or film festival; you owe it to yourself to have fun!

People turn up for festivals in large numbers which makes it exciting, plus dancing at festivals is a fun activity you should partake in.

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Your idea of fun during summer may be holiday jobs – we are not judging; just have the best time while at it.