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Welcome to THE CEO Newsletter, a weekly summary of our CEO’s views on the Entertainment Industry and Business.

I have always wondered, why corporates are slow to support creatives.

Are the creatives not good enough or is the support required beyond their perceived value?

It is evident that creatives seem to be closer to the consumers the clients are trying to target but these creatives lack professionalism.

Inability to keep to schedule, lack of accountability and not even having a work email or registered business were part of the bottlenecks faced by corporates.

You will agree with me that is the job of the business manager but how many creatives have business managers?

So dear Creative, here are a few things you need to put in place to make your business viable.

1. A dedicated email address with your business domain name.

Responding to emails immediately might not be possible so it’s best to have an autoresponder so the sender would know you got the mail. 

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2. A business page on Facebook and Instagram. 

This allows you to get a wider reach with Facebook and Instagram adverts.

3. Schedule appropriately. 

Contingencies always arise so it’s best to schedule your work, social media posts and set reminders so you don’t get caught up in the internet frenzy.

4. Plan.

Plan, Plan, Plan, and prepare for opportunities. Like the saying ‘when preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable. The next level is closer than you think so keep preparing.

Fellow creatives; let’s be tactical and deliberate, with this you can achieve more.


Emeka Ebeniro


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